What device is needed to use Arpinet TV service?

The service can be used for digital TV receiver, also for smart TV's, smartphone and tablets. ARPINET TV application helps you to use digital TV channels and content through any Internet connection regardless of the network.

How to use the Arpinet TV service?

You neet to download the Arpinet Mobile TV application for mobile devices and smart TV’s, sign up and follow the instructions.

How to download the application

The Arpinet mobile TV application is available for the devices operating on Apple IOS 5.0 and higher operating system and for the devices operating on Android 2.3.3 and higher operating system.

How to get the Arpinet TV service username and password.

Sign up and receive your username and password through text message, you can also use the received username and password to sign in to your personal page at the website.
For further information call at 060 888 888, 077 911 011 (call center)

How to make payment to use Arpinet TV service?

You need to log in to your personal account at website where you can make a payment using any payment system for your choice (Visa, Master Card, Idram):

I’m your subscriber. How many devices can I use for this application?

Service is available only for one tablet or for one smartphone.

I’m using 3800 tariff plan, how many devices can I use?

The service can be used for one smart TV or for any TV box, one tablet, one smartphone,

I’m already your subscriber and I’m using this application. When I start using the application on the second mobile device, some problems occur. What is the reason?

You can use the service for one tablet or for one smartphone, so you can use the service only for one device. In order to connect to the additional devices, you need to make an additional payment to use the service.

Where to find the Arpinet TV application for Samsung smart TV’s

Arpinet TV application is available on Samsung Apps store for Samsung smart TVs.

Arpinet TV application is not connected via Samsung Smart TV, What is the reason?

There can be several reasons for not connecting to the application.

  • * You need to check the internet access on your TV when it’s connected to wireline. Enter the “Menu” and select “Network” subsection in settings, then check the internet access.
  • * For Wi-Fi connection with TV you need to check internet access on TV first, then provide minimum distance between Wi-Fi router and TV
  • * You need to check and make latest updates to Smart Hub application for TV in advance.
  • * There may be a problem with servers of Samsung or Arpinet companies because of the technical issues. If the service becomes unavailable, you need to restart the application in case it hasn't restarted automatically.

How can I reset the password?

To reset the password you need to do the following:

  • * Go to web page and press on “forgot password” link, then follow instructions
  • * If “forgot password” link is not available, you just need to sign-out from your account and then log in again and try to reset the password.

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